Shaping Japanese Boxwoods

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Like hedges, Japanese boxwoods are a great plant to shape. Learn tips and tools for shaping Japanese boxwoods in this free gardening video clip. View Video Transcript

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Once our Boxwood is planted and mulch, now comes the fun part. Trimming it. We can literally shape these Japanese Boxwood into any shape we want and it's really fun to just use your imagination and let your imagination be your guide. You can create these Boxwood's into a shape that you want. You may want to take a look at your neighbor's yards, see what your neighbor's have done. Look through magazines and books and try to get some ideas. The possibilities are pretty much limitless. Some common forms are the mound, where the Boxwood is formed into a mound shape, or you may have more of the spherical shape. Other popular options are a pyramid shape that looks really interesting where it's formed into like a miniature Japanese, or shall I say, Egyptian pyramid. Now, some people like to form their Japanese Boxwood into animal shapes. And that's called a topiary. For that you're going to need some chicken wire and some stronger wire to really form that into the animal shape that you desire. To start out with small plants like these, the one gallon sized, we can trim these young plants, just with a regular pair of scissors. For branches which are a little thicker, we can use these pruners. Now, once you've got some larger, more substantial plants, perhaps the three foot size, you've got like a larger hedge or a larger substantial bush, we're going to start getting into the power tools. You can use a set of electric hedge trimmers to trim your Japanese Boxwood hedge. These large pruners will be good for larger branches, and what you're probably start out with, with the medium size Boxwood, you can trim the top and the sides of your Boxwood and let the edges grow together to form a continuous hedge. That's obviously a very popular choice. A lot of people grow their Boxwood into hedges. Another consideration when trimming is creating uniformity. In a situation like this, along a path, you want to create nice, uniform shapes, even shapes, but really you do have a lot of versatility. These are some of the main things to think about when thinking about how you want to shape your Japanese Boxwood.