How to Assemble Square Foot Gardens: Part 2

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Learn how to assemble square foot gardens with expert gardening tips in this free video clip on growing grid gardens. Part 2 View Video Transcript

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. In the next segment we will continue our discussion on how to assemble a square foot garden. So I've got the opposite piece of wood set exactly where I want it and then on this end, I'm going to connect it. I'm going to set it to where it's going to be. Then, an easy trick I've learned is, you just take a hammer and you hit it a couple of times so that it is connected. I could use a wrench, but I really like to use my ratchet and my socket just because it seems to make it easier. So I've already got it kind of connected and I'll just keep going around and sometimes it takes a little time to get it right; it's even and the thing is...a quick trick is to give it a little pressure too. So, if you press on it, it will go a little faster. So, the top part is connected. Now I'm going to take the bottom part and do the same thing. Now I've finished this side and I only have one more side to finish. Once I have that connected, then we are going to bring the wood outside, select an area and decide what compost to use.