Making a Bow for a Rose Arrangement

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Make your own rose arrangement! Learn how to make a bow for vases in this free flower video clip about arranging a vase of roses. View Video Transcript

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I'm going to teach you how to make a simple bow to dress up your floral arrangement. This here is a fiber satin, which is double sided. Some have just the shiny side on one side, which is a little more difficult because you need to twist the ribbon and shape it in to, so that the shiny side is all out. This one here you're going to start off with a small loop like this and then you're going to make another loop on the other side, the same size. And then you're going to go a little bit smaller in the center like that, while you're pinching it between your index finger and your thumb. And then you're going to go behind that and you're just going to continue making loops until what you do on one side is what you're going to do on the other, until you've got the shape of the bow that you want. So we're just going around like this, all while holding it between your thumb and your index finger. So you're just going to continue to make loops, probably about 5 or 6 on each side. And then once you've made the bow into the shape that you want, you can make one long tail like that; cut it and you're going to tie it with a wire like this. And there's a simple bow.