How to Transfer Perennials

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Hi, I'm John Guion from Bell Nursery for Expert Village. We are going to help you prepare your garden for Winter today. Today we are going to show you how you can divide a Hosta at this time of year to double your Hosta quantities in your yard. This one happens to be from a nursery so it is in a pot but you can simply dig the whole plant up and you have your root ball of your Hosta. You search to where the two separate plants are. This one actually is three but it is two main plants so you can kind of see right here that is your dividing point. Take your trial, sharp shovel and I've even know some people take an old knife but you can just, you need a knife. My goodness, here it goes. I heard it. Here it goes, here it goes. So that is what I was cutting through, that main root right here. Hosta's are very hardy and can withstand a lot of pressure pulling and tugging. I don't know if I would pull this one apart. There is two but they are really close together so I would probably leave that one alone until next Fall and do the same thing with this sucker next Fall and that is why they multiply and do a great job for you. Now you've simply got two, one, two. You plant these and next year these come up, you've got two plants and you can do this throughout yuour yard to get several Hosta's from just one.