Planting a Blueberry Bush

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It's important not to cover the bark of your blueberry bush when planting. Learn some helpful tips for planting your blueberries from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Now, here's the blueberry bush that got shipped in here. It comes all wrapped up in this nice wrap to keep it all nice and moist. So, we're going to unwrap this little dude, here. Get the plastic off of that and we're going to open up the hole a little bit. We're going to take this was here and dump it down in there and get all the stuff that they put in there and put that in there and we'll put that in there with it because they probably put some really good stuff. Now, we want to bring the bush up so that the top of the plant isn't down there too far. We don't want to bury the bark, but we can bury it a little bit. Not like some plants, you can bury that bark, maybe an inch or so above where it looked like it was planted before. So there we've got that in. We're going to bring up the rest of this dirt around it like so. And we're going to take some more of this bagging moss and work it in there with it. Then we're going to take this grass and we're going to put it around the perimeter of the plant, upside down. That was our first layer, see, there it is. Now, we're going to put it around here and create a bowl around the plant so that the rest of the extra dirt that we pulled out. Now it's on this nice plastic, we can bring it on around. We didn't lose any of this dirt into the grass or anything so we have it all here to use. As you can see, I'm creating a nice little bowl around here so when it rains, the water pours in. Again, we want to make sure we get rid of any rocks that could possibly be in here.