Tips for Seed Saving: Seed Banks

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Form a seed bank with local growers to preserve and share heirloom seeds in your local environment. Learn about growing heirloom seeds and seed banks from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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A seed bank is a excellent idea of neighborhood network of seed savers who are in communication and working together to save the seeds that are most valuable to a local agriculture, a sustainable agricultural system. Once you get involved with this craft, you will find that there is a an entire underworld of seed savers who are active and there is a tremendous bank of genes that is available for people of good-will who want to perpetuate and carry on the Heirloom Seeds. A little bit goes a long way. Yes indeed. A little bit of seed saving. If I saved the 200 or 300 seeds in this squash, and I carefully store them. I could put them in the freezer. I would share them with my friends. I could sub divide them. And then everyone I gave seeds to, they too can plant them out and propagate them. It's really the gift that keeps giving. And, so just keep in mind, that we're not working in isolation. The seed saving network is really a collaborative effort. Even if we don't know all the names of the various growers. And people from countries all over the world who helped us get these beautiful varieties and help preserve the genetics. That's so special and so valuable to sustainable agriculture. If anybody needed any help. If you want to contact us for some of this information or seeds. A package of Heirloom Seeds, you can contact us at laughingdogfarm, one word;