Growing Orchids in a Pot

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Grow orchids in a pot by recreating the natural environment using bark as a base and allowing the plant to dry out between watering. Give potted orchids good drainage opportunities to avoid rot with instructions from a sustainable gardener in this free... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, want to talk all about, growing orchids in a pot. Now orchids are a plant that's terrestrial. That means it grows out of trees. And it's from very tropical climates, in Asia, and South America, and they can grow really well as house plants too. But you kind of have to give them, the same kind of conditions. So when you're growing them in a pot, make sure and use really good earthy material, and all types of material works. These are just kind of like a lava rock. But I have found, that any type of base that is a bark dust base, is the best, because any type of rotting, or composting bark dust, is the most natural material that you can use. And you can mix it with gravel, or you can mix it with peet, but in the end, most studies have found that using any type of bark, is the best material that you can use for your orchids. Because they really thrive on all the nutrition. And so when you're growing them in a pot, they really like to be root bound, because they're found in trees, they grow out of trees. And so they only grow in an area where like two branches meet, so they're used to that condensed, tight area. So you want to create a similar condition for your orchids in a pot. And keep them watered, but let them dry out in between, because you never want them to sit in water. So make sure if you grow them in a pot that you have good drainage, and they're not sitting right in a container where they're never going to dry out. So put it on a plate, or take it out of the plastic cover, and you'll find they'll do so much better, and they'll be so easy to grow.