How to Care for Ivy

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Care for ivy by providing full hot sun, good drainage and not too much water. Avoid putting ivy plants up against permanent structures that could be damaged by ivy growth. Keep ivy in baskets or containers with advice from a sustainable gardener in this... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I am going to talk all about how to care for ivy. Now ivy comes in so many shapes and sizes and it's a really pretty plant, whether it is used in the garden or in the house as a house plant. Now ivy can be grown so easily and as you can see all of this ivy is just coming out of the container, it is cascading and it is beautiful. Ivy needs full hot sun and good drainage, that's the key and it doesn't want to sit in water because it will actually rot out although it does handle a lot of water at the same time it is a very forgiving plant. But ivy is actually an invasive weed so it can do a lot of damage so when you are growing ivy make sure to not let it get on to any natural areas or into the foundation of your house or up against your house in any way because it will grow right into your house and eat away the wood, the bricks, any type of material that it touches it will take over and it is getting into all kind of natural areas and killing trees and doing lots of damage so the key with ivy is to take care of it very carefully and to not put it in any natural areas and keep it controlled. Don't ever put it up against the house or up to a deck or anywhere where it is going to actually eat away the wood or the bricks or any type of the building because it will over the years. But saying that it is a gorgeous plant to put in baskets or to put in your containers or to have against a retaining wall as long as you keep it in control and never let it get out of control.