Removing Dust from Book Stand

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Use air compressor to get rid of dust on book stand hinges before cleaning. Learn how to prep a simple book stand for staining in this free wood project video from a woodworking teacher. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Jon, and in this clip I'll be talking about removing dust. Now that our project is completely built and assembled, we are getting ready to the point where we're going to be ready to stain and finish it. But if we take our project now and put some stain on it, it won't look very good because there's a lot of dust that's built up in the grain of the wood, so we need to remove that dust. Now the first way to remove dust is just to take some compressed air and blow off your project. Now I personally don't recommend using air compressor air to blow off your finished projects, primarily because there is condensation that builds up in the air compressor, and essentially you could just be spraying water onto your project which would leave mineral deposits so when you stain it, it would look kind of funny. A better way to remove the dust is to take a tack cloth, also known as a cheese cloth, and just kind of ball it up. Now this is a somewhat sticky, feels kind of sticky, type cloth, and we're going to rub that over our project, and that's going to pick up any loose dust. Now again, if you do leave a lot of dust on your project, when you go to stain and finish it, your stain and your finish will not come out as well, the dust will be soaking up the stain rather than the wood itself.