How to Assemble: Partitions to a Bookshelf

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Learn how to complete the partitions of a bookcase from a carpentry expert in this free woodworking video. View Video Transcript

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Jon Olson

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Hi this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village in this video clip we would be completing assembly on our partition pieces. I went ahead and set those partitions pieces in place so I can figure out what I need to do next. I'm partitions where only cut at 9 1/4 inches so I can add a 3/4 inch piece of trim and that would tie nicely into my face frame. Now to save on materials I'm going to be making my trim out of a scrap piece of oak. It is not going to look the best but since this unit is going to be painted anyways it would do just fine. Now if you are building a unit like this you can leave the edge bare like that and you can paint it however it just won't look as good as if you where to put a piece of trim and there and painted the trim. Once our trim has been sized we can go ahead and glue that on using the same principles that we have been doing all along. After that you can pin nail it and clean up the glue, remove those clamps and your partition sides should be completed.