Materials for Building a Bookshelf

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Learn what type of materials you need to build a bookshelf from a carpentry expert in this free woodworking video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! This is Jon on behalf of Expert Village. In this video clip, I will be talking about types of materials. The first material that we are going to be working with is a 3/4 inch birch that is cabinetry grade. Now the reason why we chose birch is that it is quite a bit cheaper than oak and the project we are building, is actually going to be painted. Now you could use some type of MDF or particle board or here we have some melamine. The problem with using that is that it is not going to last as long. Over time the shelves might sag and in the long run, it will just be better to use an actual wood product. The next material that we will be working with is a 3/4 inch plywood that is also birch because it is a little bit cheaper than oak. Now this is going to be primarily used for the back of our bookshelf. The last material that I am going to use is actually oak plywood. Now the reason I am using this is because when I build it, I need 1 full sheet and 1 half sheet of plywood. However I have a lot of plywood scraps left so I am going to use these scraps in my project to build some of the shelves and since it is going to be painted, it is really not necessary that the woods have to match.