Completing Book Stand Project

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Book stand is great for studying! Get ready to try out your simple book stand in this free wood project video from a woodworking teacher. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Jon, and in this clip, we will be completing our project. Now that our second coat of finish has fully dried, our project is really starting to come together, and we're almost done with it. Now one shortcut that I did take on this project was I didn't remove the hinges before I stained and finished my project. So if you take a look at my hinges now, there is a little bit of discoloration from the stain. It is a shortcut that a lot of people will take because the hinges are going to be in the back and they're not really going to be noticed. However, you can always come back and clean those and shine those up. Now on my project, I did choose to go with a glossy, kind of a glassy type finish, however you can do anything you want for finishing it. You can prime it and paint it, you can stain it any color you want, you can do just about anything. Now on this project I only put two coats of finish on, and as I run my hand over it, I can feel just a slight bumpiness to that finish. What you can do is sand it down and put another third coat of finish on, and that's really going to give it more of a glassy kind of shiny finish to it. And now that we have completed our project, we can go ahead and test it out. And everything seems to have come out really nice and we have our book sitting there at a nice angle, and little tiny furniture pieces like these will really help when we're studying or doing research.