Routing Edges of Book Stand

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Get creative with your book stand project. Learn how to router the edges of a simple book stand in this free wood project video from a woodworking teacher. View Video Transcript

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Hi. This is Jon. And in this clip, we'll be routing the edges. This step of our project isn't entirely necessary, but I like to do it, just to add a little smoothness to my book stand. What I've done is I have installed a very small radius round-over bit in my router table. And I'm going to bring my pieces in and give some of my edges a little round-over. Now the edges that you don't want to round over is our back edges and the small feet portions. Since those are going to contact a flat surface, you don't want those to be rounded. And as you can see, that will just give me a little, tiny bit of a round-over on each of my sharp edges. And it's going to help it look just a little bit better, in the end.