Laying Out Hinges of Book Stand

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Where to place hinges on book stand. Learn how to build a simple book stand in this free wood project video from a woodworking teacher. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Jon, and in this clip we'll be laying out our hinges. Now our hinges are going to be going in the center between both of our book stand pieces, and that's going to allow our pieces to pivot on each other. What I'm going to do first is just pull my pieces apart and set the hinges in between them, just to get an idea of where I might possibly like them. Obviously I don't want them too far in the center because it looks goofy and it probably won't work too well, additionally, I don't want them too far out to the outside. So I'm just going to position those, kind of eyeball it where it looks good. Next I've placed a couple pencil marks as reference for where those hinges will go on each piece. After that I need to mark the locations for the screws on my hinges, so I'm going to place them on my pencil mark, and come back with my pencil, and draw a few dots where those screws are going to go. And you're going to continue the same procedure on the other piece, but in reverse. When finished, you should have all four of your holes that line up with your hinges.