Sanding Edges of Book Stand

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A spindle sander is great tool for smoothing book stand edges. Learn how to sand edges of a simple book stand in this free wood project video from a woodworking teacher. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Jon, and in this video clip we will be sanding our pieces. After using the band saw, the edges on my piece are not very smooth, the band saw does make a rough cut and so I need to smooth that up. When I did band saw out my pieces I left the line, which gave me a little bit of leeway for sanding. So what I'm going to do is use my spindle sander and I'm going to sand to the line on my inside curves. You always want to check that inside curve periodically to make sure it's doing a good job sanding, and that you're sanding off all of your marks. After I've sanded my inside radius, I'm going to move over to my disc sander and sand my outside radius. And again, you always want to check your piece to make sure you're doing a good job sanding. As you sand, you want to make sure that you don't sand on your true edges and those are the feet and the backside, since all three of those were at the outside edge of the board, you know that those are at a 90 degree angle to each other, and if you sand those, you're going to throw stuff off a little bit. Once finished sanding, you will have two identical pieces.