Sanding the Round Over on a Bookcase

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The round over can make wood a bit rough. Learn how to sand a round over from a woodworker in this free home carpentry video. View Video Transcript

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Alright now, I've got my rounder over on this bookcase with a half inch round over and the bottom of it is flush to the base. You can get an interesting little variation if you raise this bit up so the bottom is above the base a little bit. And you kind of get this little feature right here. You can adjust that up and down if you like. There are also several kinds of round over. This a half inch. It comes in one eighth inch, one quarter inch, one and a half inch, just about any size of round over you want. Now we're ready to do what's pretty much our final step and that is sanding this round over. I'm going to take our palm sander, and I have a piece of one hundred grit sandpaper in here and I'm going to start sanding this, using this kind of a motion. You're going to go along the bookcase doing that. Don't sand it flat or you'll take your round over out. Now we decided not to round over this back and this bottom, but they do need to be sanded a little bit, so they don't catch on the rugs or anything when you drag it across the floor. Give that a quick little round over. And we'll continue around the case. One point I want to make sure you know, is that when you use a palm sander, you have to use one like this, a square one that has this edge right here so that the sandpaper can get in the corner. It's not practical to use a round random orbit sandpaper because when you come up to the corner, your sandpaper will cut a little notch there. So use a flat sander, sand just like I did. Sand all around the bookcase until you like it. And then you're ready to select a finish, or a non-finish. I recommend that you seal this against dirt. It also brings out the color of the wood. Or you can stain it. Anything you want to do to finish it. This is pretty much our bookcase. Voila!