Measuring Lumber for a Bookcase

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Remember to measure lumber before beginning to build a bookcase. Learn how to measure lumber from a woodworker in this free home carpentry video. View Video Transcript

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Now we're ready to proceed with measuring for the shelves. This bookcase is going to be thirty-six inches tall. And our first shelf is going to be at two inches. That's to allow for a support plate that goes in down here at this end of the bookcase. So our first shelf is going to be at fourteen inches. That gives us a twelve inch shelf. Our second shelf is going to be at twenty-four inches and our top is going to be, the top of the top is going to be at thirty-six. So I made a mark at twelve, fourteen and twenty-four and I took my square and drew straight lines for the shelves. Our next step is going to be to turn the boards over and look at the edge and come down about an eighth of an inch and draw another line. That's where your screws are going to go when we put it together.