Tips on protecting Palm Trees

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Tips for planting palms in your garden, weather conditions, using newspaper, and learning to keep your plants healthy in this free garden video. View Video Transcript

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Hello my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representing Yes we are finally almost done, we have planted out beautiful vincas, we planted out palm tree but what do we do now? We got to protect them we don't have to worry about the summer cause they would tolerate just about any harsh summer. But when it comes to winter that is a total different story now. You are going to have a frost over night you better take care of these babies. What are you going to do with the palm tree? For this size just get a blanket overnight, the following day just remove it unless it is still extremely cold. Now if this palm was a little bit bigger I suggest just get newspaper, wrap it all the way around, tape it and actually the newspaper can remain there throughout the winter actually. But if you have a frost be sure to put a extra blanket on top just for extra protection and just be sure to leave air circulation in between. When it comes to vincas you know they say it is a annual, I have lived in a couple of states and I have seen these annuals come back year after year. What you need to do is clip them one inch above the ground, cover them with mulch, and I can guarantee you that the following year they will be popping. They are going to come back and this is how we protect our garden.