How to Stain an Upright Bookshelf

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Learn how to stain an upright bookshelf in this free woodworking video from a home carpentry expert. View Video Transcript

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Jon Olson

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Hi! This is Jon on behalf of Expert Village. In this video clip, we will be staining our project. The first step in staining our project is to take a tack cloth and rub that over our project. Now this is going to pick up any loose particles and it is going to make that stain take a little bit better. Now I've chosen a Golden Oak color stain. I chose this primarily because it matches other furniture in the same room that our bookshelves are going in. To apply the stain, I am going to take an old rag and get it pretty soaked in the stain and I am going to go ahead and rub that in. Now you want to make a pretty heavy coat of stain. The stain will soak in. If you want a little bit of a darker color, you can always stain it multiple times. Once the stain has soaked in for about 5 minutes or so, we are going to come back with a dry rag and wipe off any of the excess stain. Unless I want it a little bit darker, I can always add more coats.