How to Sand a Bookshelf

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Hi this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village in this video clip I will be taking you through our sanding process. Now when we make all the trim for our project we are left with really sharp edges on the wood. If someone was to bump 1 of those edges or it would get hit against something it can potentially chip off and that would make it look really bad. Now there is 2 primary ways that we can fix that problem. The fist one we can take a rotor and put a small radius on each edge however it would make it look like it is rounded. I want to keep that square appearance. I took a section of 2x4 and cut that down so a belt sander belt would fit around that. What I like to do is hold that belt sander belt unit at a 45 degree angle to my edge and I'm going to make a circular motion and it is just going to slightly break that edge. I'm not going to press down very hard. I'm then going to come back with a piece of sand paper and just lightly sand on that. It maintains my square appearance but it is just slightly rounded so if someone bumps on it is less lightly to chip off. Now all of that parts that we had put trim on there might be a little bit of a lip so you are going to want to take a orbiter sander and sand that smooth.