Introduction to Growing Mountain Laurels

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Mountain laurels are native to Texas, and they are grown from their seeds which are found in little seed pod husks. Learn more about this hearty plant with help from the owner of a feed and farm supply store in this free video on mountain laurels. View Video Transcript

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I'm Travis Steglich with Steglich Farm Supply and I am here with Expert Village and we are doing some propagation of native Texas plants and shrubbery from seed. This particular plant is a Mountain Laurel. It is a native to the Texas Hill Country and it makes a beautiful blue bloom. It is a perennial, it is green all of the time. The seed pods make noise, they rattle because the seed itself is loose inside this little husk. I am going to snip it open and show you the seed which is quite a beauty itself and were used by the native Indians for beads because they are very very hard, you can drill a hole in it with a steel drill bit but you can drill a hole in it and string them like beads. Until you get them good and soaking wet, they won't go anywhere. The husk on this thing is hard as stone. But anyway this is all there is to gathering the seed from them is to get a few of the pods by just snipping them off. I am going to do that here because we are going to go back to the greenhouse and we are going to plant a few of these and see if we can get them to grow.