First Finish Coat for Book Stand

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First coat seals and protects wood in book stand. Learn finishing tips for a simple book stand in this free wood project video from a woodworking teacher. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Jon, and in this clip we'll be applying the first coat of finish. For my finish I've chosen a clear semi-gloss wood finish. It's just a kind of a plain Jane clear wood finish, and it's going to seal my wood and really protect it. Now you'll notice I did put gloves on, and this is going to just protect my hands from the finish, and I'm going to be putting the finish on with a real small paintbrush. I'll just get a little finish on and paint it right on. The key is just to make even brush strokes and you want to completely cover your workpiece. The first coat of finish will be just a little bit thicker than the second coats, and that's primarily just because the wood grain is going to soak it all up and the finish is going to seal that wood grain. Make sure you're getting both sides of your project and you also want to get all of the edges really good. After I finish putting my first coat on, I just take my paintbrush and go over it one more time, just to remove any excess finish or any runs that may have occurred, and I'm going to let that sit for 24 hours while it dries.