How to Examine Iris Plant Roots

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If I was going to try to bare root this plant, I'd have to cut into it a bit more and try to shake away some of this clay mixture. Some people will bare root to ease and shipping. If you get plants through mail order or something of that nature, your plant will come in a bare root form. You have to try and just keep working it and shaking the soil away. When you do this though it is very important that you keep those roots in a plastic bag of some kind. You don't want them to dry out. You can see that this clay here is fairly thick. These have nice fibrous white roots. You can see these darker roots are a little bit older. There's nothing really wrong with that, but you can tell that some of them might be a little bit rotted. You really want the nice white fibrous roots. Those are the ones that the most healthy. I'll just keep trying to break of this soil off of this plant so we can see the root system and how it looks.