How to Cut Back Sansevieria

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Learn how to cut back an overgrown sansevieria house plant in this free online gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright, I have this other overgrown house plant. It was repotted about 3 years ago. You can see that the plant is almost as tall as me. It's in a very tiny pot, which creates some problems. The leaves are starting to bend over, starting to grow out of the pot. It dries out a lot. This plant really needs to be in a pot that's more appropriate to its size. I think once we bump it up again it's going to really take off. We could cut it back, but these leaves are really pretty. If I cut the leaves off, that's permanent. It's not going to really regrow from this leaf. I don't want to cut it back. I think we're going to pot this one up. Here's the root system to the sansevieria. You can see that things are getting...It's got a very fine root system, but things are getting a little tight. You can see this big...I bet this would sprout out again if I gave it some room. I think all these plants they loosen up these roots and get it into someplace new.