What to Do With an Overgrown Houseplant

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All right, I have these two overgrown houseplants, they’re very big and they might look beautiful. Unless you live in an arboretum, a greenhouse or a shopping mall, I think they’re just not practical, you can see here how the hanger is starting to get stretched out and before too much more time it’s just going to break. So this is in a 10 inch pot, this is a huge plant, you can’t even see the pot, but it probably sucks up too much water, you probably have to water it too many times a day and it, I just don’t think it’s practical to have it at home. This is in a little bigger pot but I still think that it could use a little trim, so this is one option, we can cut these plants back or we can pot them up into a bigger pot, but as I said before, I don’t think we really want to get it too much bigger in an home setting, I just don’t think there’s room for it.