Filling in Cracks & Seams on a Bookcase

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Keep your bookcase looking good by filling in cracks and seams. Learn how to correct mistakes in building a bookcase from a woodworker in this free home carpentry video. View Video Transcript

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Everything is good now, we've got the box put together, our kick plates are in place, everything looks fine. We're ready to start filling all these little gaps and imperfections where the shelves and the kick plates join. So I'm going to use this tan colored wood filler like we described before because it blends into the wood real nice. In this case we're not going to paint these bookcases, so we want some filler that blends into the wood. If you are going to paint them it's okay to use that white stuff which is somewhat cheaper and works just as fine. I got a piece of scrap stick from our lumber trimming before and just going to goop some filler on it and go across the cracks. Just go ahead and goop it on there, it sands off pretty easy when it's dry. You're also going to want to fill all down where the kick plate joins and all down the other side. So we're going to do that now and we'll be ready to go on to our sanding and our round over.