Planning Screws on Bookcase Lumber

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Before putting screws into boards, plan where they're going to go. Learn how to plan screws on a bookcase from a woodworker in this free home carpentry video. View Video Transcript

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Alright then, we've measured out for the shelves and we've turned the board over and marked and drawn another line that's approximately 3/8's of an inch lower than the shelf line. This is where the screws are going to go. Now we have some options about the screws. If you want all of your screws to be perfectly lined up and straight across and equally spaced, we'll need to mark the board out for that. So I just take a yard stick, which is about an inch wide, lay it up against the edge and draw a line. I do the same to the back here and draw a line. Then I find the center, which on a eleven inch board is going to be five and a half inches, I mark there and mark at the bottom and draw a line and I have a grid pattern for putting now for putting my screws in. You have some other options for putting in screws, which is, to just eyeball it, in case it's not that important for you to have all of these screws lined up. You just shoot a screw approximately here, approximately in the middle and approximately here at the end and just try and keep them lined up as best as you can by eye. It's up to you and we're going to start screwing the boards together but before we do that I want to show you a couple of options you have for putting in a screw.