Second Finish Coat for Book Stand

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Use steel wool to smooth book stand after first finish coat. Learn tips for preparing book stand for second coat in this free wood project video from a woodworking teacher. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Jon, and in this clip we will be applying our second coat of finish. Now that our first coat of finish has dried, there is a couple steps we need to take before we are able to put our second coat on. First I'm just going to take a piece of really worn out sandpaper, now you can also use steel wool for this, and I'm just going to take that sandpaper and sand my entire project. Now you want to make sure when you sand it, you're just sanding it really lightly, you're just trying to smooth up that polyurethane finish. Make sure you get all the edges, and the back as well. Once you're finished sanding your entire project, you're going to be left with a, kind of a white powdery film. You're just going to want to take your tack cloth and go over your entire project and that's going to pick up any little tiny debris that's on your project so that when you put your second coat of finish on, it's going to come out a lot better. Now that I've prepped my project, I and ready to put my second coat of finish on, and I'm just going to use the same procedures that I did for my first coat, just applying it using a small, thin brush. And I'm going to coat my entire project, make sure you get the edges and the bottom as well. And then once I've put my second coat on, what I like to do is just run my brush over the entire project again, just to pick up any runs or excess finish that might be left on my project. And lastly I'm going to let that sit for about 24 hours.