Does Garlic Keep Fleas Away?

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There is a lot of debate about whether garlic keeps fleas away, though some studies show that people with higher concentrations of garlic in their blood get bitten less by fleas. Consider feeding larger pets garlic to prevent fleas, but only under vet... View Video Transcript

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Hi, This Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment were going to talk about. Does garlic keep away fleas? Now back in the medieval times they believed that if you took a clove of garlic and you put it in between your toes and you slept at night, with the garlic in between your toes. Your body would absorb the oil and it would repel any of the fleas and you wouldn't be bitten by fleas. There's been some medical studies that have found that people that have a high concentration of garlic in their bodies don't seem to be affected by the fleas as much as people that have lower amounts. So, I'm not sure if it's just because they still get bit by the fleas and maybe the garlic just stops an allergic reaction or if it actually repels the fleas. There's a lot of thoughts on that. If you look online there's all types of information about feeding you animals garlic and how that works to repel fleas. But, a lot of the websites and the information, the most important factor that they have found is that some animals are allergic and have bad reactions to garlic. Especially cats and smaller animals. So, never ever use any types of oil or garlic with cats or any small dogs. But there is people that swear that they just mix some pieces of garlic in with some peanut butter and they give it to their larger dogs. Just a little bit. The fleas jump right off their bodies and it doesn't really have problems with fleas after that. But, then there's others that say that you can actually overdose your dogs with garlic. Over a long period of time of you give them a lot of garlic sometimes they have health issues. So, theres a lot information out there and my theory is talk to your veterinarian and do your own research. If you have a large animal maybe give him just a little bit of garlic. They say if you mix it with a yeast powder that it will work as well. Others say too. If you take discarded powder and rub it on your animals just like flea powder it will work just as well. Garlic is a miracle plant. It is used for so many different reasons. But, any large doses of it can be lethal. So, use it with a lot of care. I would always consult your veterinarian before you give it to your pets. If you love it personally eat as much as you can. Let us know if it works against fleas.