How to Lay Out Sides for a Chest of Drawers

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Learn how to lay out sides for a chest of drawers in this free DIY woodworking video. View Video Transcript

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Jon Olson

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Hi this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village in this video clip I'll be showing you how we will lay out our sides. If we take a look at our cutting diagram we see that our right and left side comes out of 1 sheet of plywood, now since we're building 3 of these, we're going to do this for 3 different sheets of plywood. Now on these sheet of plywood we have these knot holes that don't look very good however, this is only on 1 side of the plywood. On the other side it looks very nice. So when I cut out my sides I'm going to make sure that the piece with the knot holes on it is facing in, cause no one is never going to see that. Now the length of my side is 58" so I'm going ahead and mark that at 58. Now the depth of my dresser is 20" however I'm going to put 3/4" trim on the outside of it, so I went ahead and set my table saw to 19 1/4".