Chest of Drawers Construction Tips

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Hi this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village in this video clip I'll be showing you how to finish this project. I'm going to be finishing my project with a clear gloss polyeurethane finish, now this is going to give it a good hard finish and it's also going to look a little bit more shiny then say a satin or semi gloss. My personal preference is that I like it a little bit shiny, I like for the wood to look like glass so that's why I've chosen this one. I'm going to be applying this with a foam brush so I just need to dip that foam brush into my polyeurethane and get a pretty good coating on the brush. After I dip my brush into that polyeurethane I'm going to move over to my drawer and I'm going to paint a nice good even coat onto my drawer front. I'm going to make sure to get every surface, now we're going to apply our finish in 3 steps. The first step is to apply a coat of finish and let it dry for 24 hours. The next step we need to steal wool our project and then use a tack cloth to get any steal wool fragments off. And then we're going to put another coat of polueurothane on, this will coat number 2 for our polyeurothane. Now our third and final step we will be steal wooling our entire project again we're going to take a tack cloth over our entire project again and then we're going to put a third and final coat of finish on our project. Now once that third coat of polueurothane has dried for 24 hours our project is finished and ready to place in our desired location.