How Do I Scare Away Buzzards?

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Scaring away buzzards from a garden can be done by spraying them down with the hose, installing a motion-activated sprinkler system and sprinkling hot spices around the area. Eliminate pesky buzzards from the area with help from a sustainable gardener in... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen. And in this segment we're going to talk about how to scare away buzzards. Now we all have nightmares of buzzards coming into the dessert and attacking us. And if you live in a warm climate or you live in an area where there's lots of buzzards, you know what it's like when they get into your backyard and they devour your vegetable garden. So there's a few ways that you can actually get rid of your buzzards. A lot of people believe that buzzards are afraid of big birds like geese. So if you get some geese decoys and put them out in your yard it will scare them. But I have found that buzzards really aren't as stupid as you think they are and that they'll figure it out. So by taking a hose whenever you see the buzzards and you spray them down with the hose, and you scare them away a lot of times they'll remember and not come back. But if you're gone a lot of times they know you're gone and they will come right back. So a lot of time that won't work in the future. But another way that you can use the water is with an automatic sprinkler with an eye. So if you know the area where the buzzards are hanging out and you install that sprinkler system; it has kind of an eye and whenever they see those buzzards they're going, it's going to shoot the water and they're going to leave. Another way that I have found that works well with any wild animals that are invading your space is to put any hot spice out where they're hanging out. So hot Cheyenne pepper, curry powder, any type of chili peppers. And that way if you just sprinkle the area that they're or they're hanging out then they won't be there and they'll leave because they don't like the smell and it will hurt their feet. But you never want to hurt them and if it still remains a big issue you can always call you local extension service or your Department of Agriculture, the Fish and Wildlife Department, and a lot of times they can give you advice or they'll have people that will come and help you. And if you need professional help too there's different organizations or different people that will come and trap them and put them somewhere else. But eventually they always come back. So you want to make sure that you're not giving them food, you're not going them water that they're not getting into your garbage or they're not nesting where they want to nest. So just by eliminating any of those factors too you can scare them away. And then there's those that say just using a drum or a loud whistle or any other way to actually scare them works too. But I've found when you're gone they'll still come back and you still have to deal with them. So try any of those methods and hopefully they'll work and you can get the buzzards out of your life.