How Do Sprinklers Work?

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Sprinklers can be small devices hooked up to a garden hose or intricate underground systems, but either can be programmed to water the lawn for a certain length of time each day. with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video series on garden... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how do sprinklers work? Well if you have a garden and you're used to hand watering you know what benefits and how much time can be saved by having a sprinkler. And there's so many different types of sprinklers. You can have real small circular sprinklers that just water a small area or you can have the long sprinklers on a pole that will shoot out and shoot a very large area with water. But they all work in the same system and it's basically, there's no difference than any type of gravity. And it just works with gravity. So what happens is you turn the water on, the water fills the hose up and through gravity it pushes the pressure into the sprinkler and the water shoots out. And so now there's so many different types of sprinklers that are on timers and just like the light outside when you have a timer what happens is that the sprinkler will turn on when the timer is set. So at a certain time of the day you can have it set for 1, 5, 10 minutes. You can do it once a day or once a week. And so at that time of day the electricity will activate the sprinkler system. The water will go through the hoses under the ground and what happens is there's quite a few hoses and they're all hooked up to sprinkler spickets and so the first spicket that's closest to the water source will come out of the ground just out of water pressure and then it will start working. And it will just go down the line and each sprinkler piece will work. And then all the way to the end of the line the last sprinkler will come up. It will water the area at a certain amount of time it will turn off and then the last one will turn off and it will just go down the line until all the water is out of the hoses. So sprinklers work through gravity. They just have, the water goes through the hose, and then the water comes out. It's as easy as that.