Caring for Outdoor Wood Furniture

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Care for outdoor wood furniture by washing it with soap and water, rubbing with sandpaper and applying a paint, varnish or sealer to the wood. Learn how long to let outdoor wood furniture dry after applying a sealant with this free video from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. Let's discuss caring for outdoor wood furniture. A chair like this is very comfortable, and has a really functional place in the garden area. What you would do with something like this, first thing you want to do is make sure your surface areas are clean. A nice clean rag to wipe it off, in some cases maybe you want to wash it off with a little soap and water and get it nice and clean, let it dry a little bit, wipe it down, follow that with a good piece of sandpaper, you do not want to use a wire brush, because it will scratch and leave marks in your wood. A good piece of finer grade, a nice fine to medium fine type sandpaper is what you want to use; because again, the coarser paper will leave marks in the wood for you. Just rub it nice and easy cover all the spots with it, you can also use a it's like a sponge type of sandpaper, it's flexible, comes in a little block, that would be good for maybe hitting some heavier spots and follow that with the medium grade sandpaper. Come back wipe the surface down, make sure it is free of all the debris that the sandpaper has knocked loose. Then depending on what kind of finish you have you would either then begin to paint, vanish or what we do with these chairs we put a sealer on them. A clear coat sealer protecting that coat and more or less keeping that wood similar to its natural color. Use a nice clean flexible brush and just paint it on. And be very careful so that you don't have any runs keep your runs cleaned up and then let it dry. After that leave it set for a good day maybe 2 days just to be sure that the piece of furniture is ready to use again. So that's how that we can care and revive our outdoor wooden furniture.