How to Use Lighting in a Terrarium

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Lighting a terrarium properly is crucial to your enjoyment and the plants' health, get expert tips and advice on terrariums and vivariums in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi my name is Wes on behalf of and in this video segment I am going to talk to you about light in your terrarium. If you want to know more about tropical and carnivorous plants you can visit us at So an essential part of creating a perfect terrarium is choosing the right kind of lights to use. Right here we have several different kinds of light but all of them are fluorescent lights. This is extremely important with pretty much any kind of plant. You really want to use cold fluorescent light or any type of light that replicates the sun. You want full spectrum lights. This right here is a wired shop light that you can buy pretty much in any hardware store. This is great if you have a large row of terrariums and you don’t want to use individual lights for each terrarium. This right here is a smaller hood light. It just has one bulb like this light here and this is perfect for a longer more rectangular terrariums. You want to find the particular light that fits the top of your terrarium the best that you can. You can also supplement the light of your terrarium by using other bulbs or something like that from the outside. Again like I said you really want to use fluorescent light or other types of cold light. You really don’t want to use halogen light or anything that creates a lot of heat because this will burn your plants and kill them and maybe be a matter of days.