Salvia Climate Tips

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Salvia is a tropical sage that is native in the southern United States. Learn more about climate considerations before planting salvia in this free gardening video about the salvia plant. View Video Transcript

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So today we want to plant a native plant. I will show you how to do that. In the moment it's still in the pot. And it's salvia. It's a tropical sage. And this plant is native through Texas, through South Carolina or you can say it's native to an area from South Carolina through the south to Mexico. And it's a well adapted plant. it grows well in almost every soil. It grows in loam, caliche, clay and it can take sun, dabbled shade or even real shade. So that's a very well adapted plant. What is a native plant? A native plant is a plant that's well adapted to your area. To your climate. So you need to look what climate you have. How much rain you have. And the best way to find the right plant for you is to go to a native plant nursery. They can tell you what plant grows at your place.