Changing House Plant Pots

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Hi! My name is Austin Shepard here with Expert Village. I am here to talk to you about transferring your plants. So let's say you go out to the store and you buy a plant like this one and it is in a 4 inch pot and eventually the plant starts to grow and grow and you feel like it is time to switch the plant into a larger container. So get a pot that I would say to be safe exactly twice the diameter. Let's take this 8 inch pot and throw away the plastic part of it, fill this one half-way with dirt, plunk it in there after you take it out of the pot and fill it with dirt and water. It's not time to transfer the plant is small and just a seedling. But say you want to grow a plant from a seed, start the plant in a small enough container to control the roots and let it grow. When you are transferring the plant, you don't want to hurt the roots so be gentle when take the plant out of its original container and then sort of place it in the dirt. Because sometimes you will get a plant that has very hardy roots but often the plants foots are not really fully developed yet, they are still growing so you really have to be careful with them.