How to Stake a Plant

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Staking a plant can be done by driving a stake or pole 6 inches into the ground or by using a tripod stake that stands on its own to help vines and flimsy trees grow straight. Use stakes to support different types of foliage with plant tips from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to stake a plant. Now why would you stake a plant? And what is the purpose? Well there's lots of different types of plants that you can grow and many of them will get taller and taller and taller and if they're not getting enough sun, and like a lily will be staked just because they'll get so tall and start leaning over. So when you stake it as long as you take a stick or a pole or any type of piece of bamboo pretty much anything and you just put it right into the ground, at least six inches into the ground, so it doesn't fall over, and then you just stake it up and you can put the plant right onto it. If you have a vining plant like this mandavia, it needs some kind of a stake to grow up to 'cause it's a vine and I love these three way teepee type stakes because they stand by themselves much easier and they've very ornamental. And it's wintertime, I brought my mandavia inside because it will die outside, it doesn't like to freeze at all, and even in the greenhouse that I don't heat, I might lose it just because they don't like to get cold at all. They can't handle any frost and even sometimes below fifty or forty degrees, they'll get damaged. So by just staking it and leaving it in the laundry room for the winter, I'm trying to save it, it's lost a lot of leaves but it's still alive, and so even if it dies back to the ground I'll chop it back, and then it'll grow up the wires for next year. So the trick with staking it is if it's a vine you just wrap it around, if it's a lily or something that's tall, you can always use string or material or you can use the little plastic type of wrap that kind of stretches and then you can tie it onto the bamboo or a stick or any way that it will stay straight. And the trick too is make sure that the stake is deep enough in the ground so that it's sturdy and not falling over. And that way even if you have plants that are reaching for the sun or falling over because they're top heavy, you can stake them and they'll be beautiful and they'll grow really well for that summer.