Walk Behind Spreader Advantages

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There are advantages of walk behind lawn spreaders over hand spreaders, get expert tips and advice on lawn care and maintenance in this free video. View Video Transcript

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One of the advantages to buying a walk behind spreader is the large capacity they have. They have a large enough capacity to hold an entire bag of most materials. The handle is adjustable to fit any height. Also, on the handle is the rate adjuster. The rate adjuster sets the bottom holes allowing a uniform amount of product to drop. One of the things you might consider when buying a spreader, is to make sure the specific brand you buy , is listed on the list of items to use, for your most commonly used yard products. For instance, your brand of product will normally list a recommended spreader, including model number, and the rate at which to set it. It may recommend more than one brand of spreader, and it will list the rate setting for each. To make this as simple as possible for yourself, buy the spreader recommended by your garden product and use the setting featured on the label. Having the rate readily available to you is a real advantage. Products need to be applied correctly and about the only way to do that is if you can accurately set your spreader.