How to Grow Begonia Grandis

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Plant begonia grandis after the last chance of frost, allow them to bloom all summer and then cut off greenery as it begins to die. Learn more about this low, bushy plant, which as red stems and grows 2 feet tall, with information from a sustainable... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to learn all about the Begonia Grandis. It's a beautiful Begonia from China and southern Japan. So the Begonia Grandis is found all through China and into southern Japan and some of southeast Asia. So it can handle a lot more cold temperatures than other Begonias. It can go all the way down to zone seven. So it's a great, great Begonia to have in your garden because it'll survive even colder winters. It is a low, bushy plant with red stems and they grow about two feet tall. And they have broad, somewhat fleshy leaves that are pale green and fleshed, coppery-red on the undersides. They are just a beautiful multi-dimensional leaf, they're really gorgeous in the garden. And then they have beautiful fragrant pink flowers that are about one inch across and they produce in knotting clusters all summer long. So you can trim the flowers as they die back and they'll keep producing more flowers. And the flowers kind of hang down so they look very different than other Begonias. They don't even really look related. So they're a tuberous Begonia, so when you start your Grandis Begonias just start them after the last chance of frost and let them bloom all summer long. And then if you live in a colder zone than zone seven, bring them in. If you live in zone seven or above, you can leave them outside year-round. And just cut the greenery off as it turns brown, and it'll grow again the next year. You can always put them in a container, leave them in the garage or just leave the bulbs dry for the winter as well. Very easy plant.