How to Take Care of Peach Trees

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Take care of peach trees by setting up a fertilizing program, pruning out dead wood and keeping the number of peaches on each branch to an appropriate number. Avoid growing too many small peaches on one branches, and instead go for fewer large peaches... View Video Transcript

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How do I take care of my peach trees? This is Richard Skinner at Hawkin's Corner Nursery in Plant City, Florida. Several different areas of care the peach tree needs. First one of course is fertilizing. You want to do a fertilizing program that will be with your part of the country, three, four times a year. The other thing of course is pruning. Prune out the dead wood on any fruit tree, especially the peach trees. The other thing is you don't want the peach tree growing to the sun as we say so we want to top it, in other words cut the branches so that they are not going straight up but start moving out at about between 7 and 8 foot in height. The last thing that I want to cover is how much fruit is on a given limb? That's very important because if you have a limb that's got a whole lot of peaches, you think oh boy, I'm going to get a big crop, well maybe not so because if you have a whole bunch of little peaches you wouldn't have as much peach as if you had a smaller quantity of big peaches. So the number of fruit on a given limb should be kept down depending on the size of the limb. Generally speaking if the limb is about your index finger size, you don't want more then 4 or 5 peaches on that limb. The bigger the limb of course the more the peaches it can hold. So this is Richard Skinner coming to you from Hawkin's Corner Nursery in Plant City, Florida on how to care for your peach trees.