Tips for Dividing Hostas

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OK, we have two different tools, here. This is just an ordinary saw out of the garage, but it works really, really well. And I also like to use a bread knife. If you have a fairly heavy root you'd probably want to use the saw here. But, this plant isn't too terribly large so I'm just gonna work with my bread knife here. And there's multiple little plants here, but what I'm gonna do first is I'm just gonna saw it in half with my knife. I'm just gonna cut right into the crown of the plant like I'm cutting a cake and I'm just gonna saw right through there. Hostas are very resilient to transplanting. And, low and behold, here's the original tag from when it was planted. So, I'm gonna cut through there and pull this apart. And, you can see there's a nice dissection here of the plant. The roots have come all the way out and this is a pretty heavy soil mix that we've been working here, but you can tell it's nice and moist because we had pre-soaked the plant to help minimize shock. So, I'm gonna make another cut here and try to get a few more plants out. You can see I've just cut right down and halfed the plant. So, here's a nice quarter section here, and we'll do it again, we'll cut it again. And there you go, from just half of this plant I have now created three new little plants. And, a good worm is always good in there for soil aeration, there you go.