How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes

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Growing cherry tomatoes requires at least six hours of sun a day, an east or west location and protection from freezing weather. Produce up to a thousand cherry tomatoes from one plant with help from a horticulturist in this free video on growing cherry... View Video Transcript

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I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. We're at Willow Tree Nursery in St. Petersburg, Florida. A lot of folks like the idea of growing cherry tomatoes. Now this happens to be a small little plant, but you can grow either these Sweet 100s, which this happens to be, or there are a number of other little cherry varieties and they are all about the same. Remember of course that tomatoes need six hours of bright sun a day. Without six hours of sun a day, you're going to have a problem. Typically I have people who call me sometimes and they'll say ah we're growing them on the north side of our house, we're not getting any production. Well it can't give you production because it's not getting what it needs. Make sure you've got an east or west location. Remember you can protect it from the cold. So if you've got this in a container, the beauty of the little cherry tomatoes, you can have them in a small container and you can bring them in. Cause if you get down below thirty-two degrees, you'll normally be singing Vaya Con Dios to your tomato plant. In other words it'll be gone. Remember freezing and tomatoes don't do well. Now they'll take all kinds of heat. Little cherry tomatoes will grow and produce when it's a little bit cooler than some of the larger fruited will. They'll produce fruit. And when it gets too hot, some of the large fruiting tomatoes won't keep producing but the little cherries continue to produce June, July, August. All through the heat and they still do great. So they give you a little bit more versatility and they'll also give you, I've had up to a thousand tomatoes off of one plant. So you can have a great production off a small plant. Now they're not very big, they're small, but they're great for salads, they're great for snacking. They're probably a whole lot better than eating those chips and pretzels and things. Eat something organic, eat something fresh. Grow it in your own little back yard, in a container, grow it in a vegetable garden. I'm Stan DeFreitas for