How to Grow Sunflowers Indoors

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Growing sunflowers indoors is kind of a challenge, because sunflowers require a lot of intense sunlight. Create a significant amount of artificial light to grow sunflowers inside with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video on flower... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment, we're going to talk about how to grow sunflowers indoors. Now sunflowers are a beautiful plant outside in the garden. They like full, hot sun and they bloom gorgeous, round, large blooms in the summer time. So when you're growing them indoors, it's kind of a challenge and you really are not going to have much success unless you have a large atrium or real sunny windows where they're going to get intense sunlight. But you can also grow 'em indoors if you have artificial light. And the best way to grow 'em is with, starting them from seed and using any type of blue halide light. You want to use a low temperature, cool light that's blue toned because it's more like the spring. It's not that hot, intense summer sun, whereas as soon as it's got a good set of roots and it's growing pretty well, then you can turn around and use any type of high pressure red sodium light because you want that intense, hot, sunny light that's real similar to outside to get it to bloom well. So once you get 'em growing with the blue light, you can switch over to the red light and then many times, you can get 'em to bloom by late summer, but it's still a challenge and I have found that sunflowers do the best outside, but they're still a challenge that you should take and then you still can grow 'em indoors. So sunflowers are a great plant to grow outdoors and you still can grow 'em indoors, but you need intense light and so by using mylar, too, or any type of aluminum or something that's going to reflect the light, you've gotta give 'em as bright of light as possible to get 'em to bloom and it's a challenge, but it's possible.