Picking the Best Spot to Put a Terrarium

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Picking a good spot for a terrarium is important to the health of the plants living inside, get expert tips and advice on terrariums and vivariums in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi my name is Wes on behalf of ExpertVillage.com and in this video segment I am going to talk to you about where to place your terrarium inside of your house. If you want to know more about tropical plants and terrariums, you can visit us at equilibriocarnivorousplants.com. So usually you can keep your terrarium outside during the summer if it is warm enough where you are. You also want to make sure that it does not get too cold at night but if it maintains a certain ambient temperature you can definitely keep your plants outside. During the winter you may want to bring them inside and that is one of the advantages of having a terrarium. It is a nice contained ecosystem inside a small area. So when you are placing the terrarium inside of your house you want to look for areas that have a very high level of light. This place right here is perfect. We already have a lot of other plants growing. It is a big window that receives a lot of direct sunlight during the day. So you want to place the terrarium in an area that is a central location. It is going to optimize your viewing of the terrarium. It is a very nice piece. So you want to have a central location where you will be able to see it often. Now even though this window receives a lot of light during the day you may need to supplement this light by using types of fluorescents which we already explained. These types of plants may need 14 or more hours of direct sunlight every day. Another thing to consider when placing your terrarium inside of your house is what type of temperature this particular room receives. One disadvantage of keeping it next to the window is that it could get particularly cold if these windows are drafty during the winter. That is why we have things like background heaters or other heaters inside of your house. You want to make sure especially at night that the temperature is not going to drop too low for these particular plants.