Removing Salvia Plant from Pot

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Removing Salvia Plant from Pot - Provided by eHow
The first step in planting native Salvia is removing it from the pot. Learn how to safely remove Salvia without damaging roots in this free gardening video about the Salvia plant. View Video Transcript

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So it might not be easy to take it off the pot. So you should never try to pull it out you put the pot on the ground and roll it a little bit to loosen the soil in there and then you start shaking its not coming out yet so I will do it a little bit more just press on it to get it loose. OK, lets try it again. Here it comes and you can see the root system here and that's a little bit to tight. So I will take a spade. OK, now I have one part and you should check that. That is a little part I think I want it a little bit bigger. OK, you see you have the roots in there you can even loosen these a little bit. So when they go in there hole they can spread.