Planting Spring Gardens: Companion Cropping

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When planting a spring garden, use hardy plants such as leeks to shield more delicate plants from pests. Learn about companion cropping for a garden in this free video on gardening and farming from a professional organic gardener. View Video Transcript

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So, like I was saying this bed isn't hardly full. Now with the idea of companion cropping. We're trying to match food crops together. In a way they match ergonomically as well as biochemically. In other words you want to find things that can share the space. The leaks shoot upward the beats are going to go downward. So they can be in close proximity without a lot of competition. Plus the leaks have a kind of a smell. I like the smell but a lot of pests don't. So by giving a front giving it a shield of stinky leaks. To our delicate peas and beats over here. These crops are more vulnerable. By guarding them with a shield of these beautiful stinky leafs. We are inhibiting certain pests. Not eliminating but inhibiting and that's the idea. We're really not looking to win a war but really just fight a good battle and so these leaks serve as centuries and pest deflectors right out front and they also serve the function of defining our bed. This way someone walking along here would know. Ah, that's a bed and they wouldn't step on our newly seeded beat and pea seeds in here. There you have it companion planting with leaks.