How to Transplant Seedlings

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Transplanting seedlings requires finding a permanent spot for them, whether the plant likes shade or sun, replanting them in the winter or early spring to avoid shock and nurturing the new growth until it is hearty enough to thrive on its own. Transplant... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to transplant seedlings. Well, any plant that's growing from a seed is a seedling. Whenever it's got some growth on it, and it's got some roots it's considered a seedling. A lot of times they'll talk about small trees as a seedling too, but pretty much, any plant that you can grow as a seed is officially a seedling. So, when you're transplanting your seedlings, for example, if you've bringing em' in from a greenhouse to outside, or from your kitchen to outside, what you should first do is what they call hardening off. It's just letting your seedlings adjust to the climate outside. And if that just means that maybe if it's not freezing out you just leaving them outside during the day so they can get used to that temperature, and then bringing em' back in at night; maybe doing that for a week or two. Or, covering them up with plastic, and then taking the plastic off just so that they can adjust to the colder climate outside. That's called hardening off. Just so they can adjust to the change. And I do that with a lot of my warm climate plants if I bring em' in from outside to inside for the winter. Even if you just bring em' inside at night, and then outside during the day they get adjusted to the climate change a little bit quicker. And so, when you plant your seedlings you always put em' right into the spot where you want to leave them for the rest of their life, generally. If it's a shade loving plant put it in the shade. And the same thing, if you've got a plant that's been inside and you put it right outside into the hot full sun in the middle of summer it's going to get sunburned. So, by just putting it in a shady spot, and then putting it into the sun maybe two weeks later then you'll gradually get it used to the temperature. So, it's best to plant your seedlings in the late spring or early summer, as opposed to the heat of the summer, cause' sometimes they go through a chock a shock. But you can plant seedlings year-round. Like my sunflower seedlings, I start em' every two weeks, and then just plant em' outside as they start growing, and then that way I can enjoy my plants year-round.