Heat & Humidity Needs in a Terrarium

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Heat and humidity are important in terrariums, get expert tips and advice on terrariums and vivariums in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi my name is Wes on behalf of Expert Village.com and in this visit segments, I am going to talk to you about heating and humidity in your tropical plants terrarium. If you want to know more about tropical plants and terrariums you can visit us at equilibriocarnivorousplants.com. So an important part about setting up your terrarium is making sure that it is hot enough for your plants. Now this can be determined by where you put it inside of your house and also by using external types of heat. An important thing to have is some sort of measuring device to measure your heat. When graping is an adhesive thermometer that can be attached to the outside of your tank, a lot of tanks come with thermometers just like this one. You can also buy a thermometer and place it inside of your tank. Now any type of light that you use is going to produce a small amount of heat but that is only going to work when your terrarium is on. You want to make sure at night that your terrarium does not drop too much below room temperature especially if it is a tropical terrarium. So one thing you can use that I often use is this adhesive heater. It works without any type of adjustment. It will come on its on. What you do is just peel off the adhesive back and secures it to the back of your terrarium. You can also do this by putting it underneath your terrarium. You just want to make sure that the size of your heater will fit the size of your terrarium. This one fits perfectly on the back of this terrarium and it won’t obstruct the view of our plants because we have a background. A solid background on the back of this terrarium anyway.