How to Classify Heirloom Tomatoes

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Color, acidity, size, shape and texture all help you to classify heirloom tomatoes. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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So, obviously tomatoes are not always round and red. There is many families of tomatoes. Some of the different families are the Blacks, which are darker, mahogany colored, purplish colored. The White, very low acid, there's a white beauty. Each family of color has different sizes, different shapes, different textures. The red, you can see there are different colors of red, too. Orange red, or they are pinkish, dark pinkish red. There's green ripe tomatoes. This is their ripe color. They will not turn red or yellow. They do develop a slight yellowish blush to them what they are fully ripe. Delicious. There's orange, there's bi-colored, the coloring goes all the way through these tomatoes, absolutely gorgeous sliced. There's sauce tomatoes, thick, meaty. Cook up to a nice sauce. They come in different colors, yellow, red, purple. There's Ox Hearts, there's another family, they are a heart shaped tomato. There are several different varieties of these. This is the Anna Russian, it's one of our favorites. Very meaty, very few seeds in there. Of course the cherry tomatoes. There is a bi-colored cherry tomato, yellow grape, or black cherry. Each with it's own distinctive flavor, texture.